Krystina Athanasiadis | Founder

From the historic streets of Ancient Egypt to the modern-day woman seeking relief and pleasure, the power of suppositories has long been recognized but remains untapped. I'm Krystina Athanasiadis. I stepped out from the vibrant lights and beats of nightlife as a DJ performance artist, to embark on a journey that would merge my passion for wellness with the art of creation.It all began when I was searching for a natural alternative to relieve period pain. That's when I discovered the potent legacy of suppositories—an ancient remedy that has been a source of comfort for millennia. But as I delved deeper, I found a more pressing need. The menopause community, an affluent demographic, was seeking solutions for challenges like vaginal dryness and painful intercourse. It was a calling I couldn’t ignore.However, the road wasn't without hurdles. The world of suppositories is shrouded in taboo. The mention of CBD further amplifies this challenge, given the advertising restrictions. But instead of seeing these as obstacles, we saw opportunities. At "In Your Pleasure," we set out on a mission to redefine the menopause narrative—to make it vibrant, sexy, and cool. We introduced two innovative products: "Pleasure," enriched with Squalene, Vitamin E, Hyaluronic Acid, Cocoa Butter, and Coconut Oil, and "Relief," which boasts the therapeutic effects of Broad Spectrum CBD, Magnesium Citrate, Cocoa Butter, and Coconut Oil.With the endorsement of personalities like Stacy London, we have not only identified our niche but are steadily making our mark. Our brand's ethos—"Pleasure is wellness, and wellness is pleasure"—is not just a tagline. It's a philosophy I wake up to, stand by, and am immensely passionate about. We envision "In Your Pleasure" to be synonymous with suppositories in the future, leading the way and setting benchmarks in the industry.